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Cancellation by the contractual partner


cancellation fee


Up to 3 months before the agreed arrival date of the guest, the accommodation contract can be canceled without paying a cancellation fee by means of a unilateral declaration by the contractual partner.


Outside of § 5.5 ( Austrian Hotel Regulations AGBH 2006 )  specified period, a withdrawal by unilateral declaration of the contractual partner is only possible with payment of the following cancellation fees:

- up to 1 month before the day of arrival 40% of the total package price;

- up to 1 week before the day of arrival 70% of the total package price;

- in the last week before the day of arrival 90% of the total package price.

- up to 3 months: no cancellation fees


- 3 months to 1 month: 40%

- 1 month to 1 week: 70%

- In the last week: 90%


impediments to arrival


If the contractual partner cannot appear at the accommodation facility on the day of arrival because all travel options are impossible due to unforeseeable exceptional circumstances (e.g. extreme snowfall, flooding, etc.), the contractual partner is not obliged to pay the agreed fee for the days of arrival.


The obligation to pay the fee for the booked stay is revived after the possibility of arrival if arrival becomes possible again within three days.

Otherwise, the provisions of the Austrian Hotel Regulations AGBH 2006 (General Terms and Conditions for the Hotel Industry 2006, version of 15.11.2006) apply.


Covid 19 Should there be an official ban on renting due to the pandemic, you will of course receive a full refund of the amount already paid.


Place of jurisdiction: Spittal/Drau

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