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Fairytale Castle            Altenstein

The story of a special place in the middle of the wonderful nature of Upper Carinthia, between Liesertal and Lake Millstatt.


A poem

Many years ago, my father, the lord of the castle Johann Schrettlinger, had a dream of building a fairytale castle on a rocky slope in Altersberg.


Many people laughed at him, and he was often infuriated by the authorities,

but he never gave up and built the "Altenstein Fairytale Castle" out of courage.



The years passed and with a lot of will and strength he put stone upon stone,

his dream came true and today one can proudly say,

he has succeeded in building his "Altenstein Fairytale Castle". He has built a jewel here on the rocky slope, although no one thought he could do it.


Yes, many castles and palaces have gone down in history,

I am sure that his "Altenstein Castle" is no exception.

The family continues to run it with great pride.

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